Would you want to risk yourself to deal with other assignment helpers with unverified identity having single unknown parties with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or even other personal emails that are susceptible to fraud and scams?

Or would you want to deal with a legitimate company with registered business domain emails? We, Julius Chang Consultancy Services (Comp. Reg. No. 95728) pioneers the academic assistance wave in Malaysia.

We are a team of professional academic writing helpers in Malaysia’s premier help assignments for higher school, college and university students. No matter what the topic of your assignment is, our highly qualified writers can provide answers to your problems.

We provide plagiarism free and high quality services in assignments, case studies, thesis, dissertation, proof reading and so on. Additionally we also provide e-learning services through one-to-one coaching sessions.

We provide expert services in solving your assignment or homework on following topics:

* Accounting
* Business Administrations
* Biology
* Chemistry
* Computer Science
* Design
* Economics
* English
* Environmental
* Human Resource (HRM, HRD)
* Information Technology (IT)
* Management
* Manufacturing Management
* Marine Science
* Aquatic Science
* Mass Communications
* Marketing
* Law
* Pharmacy
* Psychology
* Quantity Survey (QS)
* Technology Management

Alternatively you may email us at enquiry@assignmenthelper.com.my

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