We are a subsidiary of the Julius Chang Consultancy Group, specializing in taking aerial drone photography and videography services. We are based in Kuching, Sarawak at the moment and are expanding rapidly.
We have proven records in taking stunning cinematic shots and video clips for all occasions such as corporate events, personal events such as action film, journey footage, wedding and much more.
Our services include:

– Aerial photography

– Aerial cinematography / videography

– Drone rental with operator service

– Drone rental service (equipment rental)
We offer our aerial photography and videography services in areas such as: Construction site progress, Wedding, Film and TV, Education, Fire/Rescue, Disaster Management, Law Enforcement, Construction, Oil and Gas, Event Planning, Real Estate, Structure Inspection, Agriculture, Mining, Surveying and Mapping, Professional Sports
Visit our page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Aerial-Drone-Photography-Services-Kuching-Sarawak-623088338140765/


Please contact 012-8913310 for quotation.

Aerial Drone Photography Videography Shoot & Rental Services | Kuching Sarawak

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